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Current Issue

posted May 24, 2015, 7:21 PM by 汪志堅

Vol.12, No.4,  2014  ISSN:1726-2364

Effects of Facebook Engagement on Sense of Virtual Community: A Media Experience Perspective

Yi-hsuan Chiang

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.4 ;pp.357-376   

Types of Users’ Perception of Shopping Website Aesthetics

Chung-Chu Liu

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.4 ;pp.377-399   

Negative Word-of-Mouth for Hotel and Bed and Breakfast Accommodation: A Content Analysis

Yann-Jy Yang;  Feng-Sha Chou

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.4 ;pp.401-418   

Investigate the Impacts of LINE Sticker Values, Fashion Involvement, and Network Externality on Sense of Virtual Community and Stickiness – the Viewpoints of Media Richness and Social Presence Theory

Yu-Ling Chang;  Chiou-Ma Lee

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.4 ;pp.419-449   

Exploring the Effects of Online Customer Engagement

I-Ping Chiang;  Hsuan-Yu Chen

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.4 ;pp.451-479   

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