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Electronic Commerce Studies (Vol.12, No.2, 2014 ISSN:1726-2364)

posted May 19, 2015, 8:25 AM by 汪志堅

Vol.12, No.2,  2014  ISSN:1726-2364

The Analysis of Social Media Applications on Global Brands Enterprise

Pin Luarn;  Yu-Ping Chiu;  Jen-Chieh Yang;  Chih-Yun Kuo

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.2 ;pp.121-142   

Applying the UTAUT 2 Model to Investigating Online Purchasing Intention: A Dual Media Perspective

Chiao-Chen Chang;  Yun-Hui Chen 

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.2 ;pp.143-168   

The Effects of Value-Added Service on Customer Satisfaction and Electronic Word-of-Mouth of Online Group Buying: The Moderating Effect of Consumers’ Perceived Justice

Chin-Yeu Chen;  Shu-Hao Chang;  Ya-Ling Hsiao

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.2 ;pp.169-200   

Usage Behavior of Social Network Sites: An Empirical Study of Facebook

Sheng-Feng Huang;  Monica Ren-Chuen Tzo;  Judy Chuan-Chuan Lin

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.2 ;pp.201-234   

The Impacts of Visual Currency on the Development and Legal issues and Electronic Commerce: Bitcoin

Chun-hsien Sung;  An-pan Lin;  Tse-ping Dong

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.12, No.2 ;pp.235-254