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Electronic Commerce Studies (Vol.13, No.1, 2015 ISSN:1726-2364)

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Vol.13, No.1,  2015  ISSN:1726-2364

Integrating Multi-criteria Restaurant Recommendation Systems on Social Networks

Yun-Rong Ciou;  Yean-Fu Wen;  Po-Wei Chen

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.1 ;pp.1-32   

Analysis of Competitive Strategy for Third-party Payment Service Industry: The Perspective of Financial Banking Industry

Chin-Yeu Chen;  Cheng-Ta Yeh;  Jing-Ching Sung

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.1 ;pp.33-60   

Phubbing in the World: The Smartphone Mobile Application User and Loneliness

Shin-An Huang;  Yi-Ting Chen;  Li-Ju Chen

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.1 ;pp.61-85   

The Influence of SoLoMo Marketing on Offline Buying

Yueh-Hua Lee

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.1 ;pp.87-111   

Game Apps: Influential Downloading Factors, Downloading Probability, Market Share, and Sales Cannibalization between Google Play and App Store

Bo-Chiuan Su;  Jeng-Chung Victor Ch;  Yen-Fu Yang

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.1 ;pp.113-140