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Electronic Commerce Studies (Vol.13, No.3, 2015 ISSN:1726-2364)

posted Oct 23, 2015, 3:54 AM by Wang Chih-Chien

Vol.13, No.3,  2015  ISSN:1726-2364

Effective Channel to Promote Consumer Value by Business Intelligence

Tser-Yieth Chen;  Yan-Hao Lai

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.3 ;pp.271-292   

I Like LINE; therefore, I Buy LINE Stickers-A Study of In-app Purchase

Cheng-Ping Yang;  Chih-Ming Wu;  Wen-Chang Fang

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.3 ;pp.293-313   

Using the Theory of Planned Behavior Model to Analyze the Intention for Wearable Device – The Case Study of Google Glass

Ching-Chang Lee;  Yin-Yih Chang;  Bo-Siang Huang

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.3 ;pp.315-334   

Ubiquitous Manpower Recommender System for Graduates based on E-portfolio

Chi-Tsai Yeh

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.3 ;pp.335-354   

A Study on Critical Success Factors of e-Commerce Website in Insurance Industry on Insurance Employees’ Perspectives

Ya-Wen Chang Chien;  Ming-Ching Lee;  Cheng-Kui Huang

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.3 ;pp.355-376