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Electronic Commerce Studies (Vol.13, No.4, 2015 ISSN:1726-2364)

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Vol.13, No.4,  2015  ISSN:1726-2364

Cross-Functional Team Collaboration: Full Mediator of Top Management Support on Enterprise Information System Implementation Success

Yuan-Hong Shen;  Ping-Yu Hsu;  Wen-Lung Shiau

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.4 ;pp.377-402   

An Investigation on the Willingness to Use of Mobile Community

Yi-Ching Li;  Tai-Sheng Fan;  Jyong-Jie Wang

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.4 ;pp.403-430   

Reading the Mind of Mobile Applications Purchasers:Explore New Opportunities for M-Commerce

Shu-Chun Ho;  Shih-Chia Chen;  Shyh-Ming Lin

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.4 ;pp.431-459   

A Comparison of the Relative Importance of Brand Attitude and Brand Attachment for Consumers’Mobile Phone Choice: The Moderating Role of Psychological Reactance and Self-Construal

Tsu-Wu Tien;  Yi-Ying Lin

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.4 ;pp.461-479   

The Impact of Relationship Intensity among Facebook Users on Perceived Risk, and Purchase Intention of Products in a Virtual Community in the Mobile Commerce Time

Yu-Peng Wang;  Huei-Chi Cheng;  Chung-Hui Tseng

Electronic Commerce Studies; Volumn.13, No.4 ;pp.481-503